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org.tritonus.midi.device.alsa Sequencer and MIDI device access based on ALSA. Sequencer implemented in pure java. 
org.tritonus.share.midi Base classes and helper classes for the implementation of MIDI stuff. 

Uses of TMidiDevice in org.tritonus.midi.device.alsa

Subclasses of TMidiDevice in org.tritonus.midi.device.alsa
 class AlsaMidiDevice
          A representation of a physical MIDI port based on the ALSA sequencer.
 class AlsaSequencer
 class AlsaSynthesizer

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 class JavaSequencer
          Sequencer implementation in pure Java.

Uses of TMidiDevice in org.tritonus.share.midi

Subclasses of TMidiDevice in org.tritonus.share.midi
 class TDirectSynthesizer
          Base class for Synthesizer implementations.
 class TPreloadingSequencer
          Base class for sequencers that work with an internal queue.
 class TSequencer