Class PCM2PCMConversionProvider

  extended byjavax.sound.sampled.spi.FormatConversionProvider
      extended byorg.tritonus.share.sampled.convert.TFormatConversionProvider
          extended byorg.tritonus.share.sampled.convert.TSimpleFormatConversionProvider
              extended byorg.tritonus.sampled.convert.PCM2PCMConversionProvider

public class PCM2PCMConversionProvider
extends TSimpleFormatConversionProvider

This provider supports these PCM conversions (<--> meaning both directions):

The class uses 2 different approaches for conversion:
  1. Simple, often used conversions with performance-optimized methods.
    These are the following conversions:

    Downsampling from 16bit to 8bit is currently done using the float conversion (see next point), in order to profit of dithering.
  2. All other conversions are done using the FloatSampleBuffer.
    Mixdown of channels (x channels -> 1 channel) is done by plainly adding all channels together. Thus, up mixing and down mixing will not result in the same audio, as downmixing does NOT lower the volume and clippings are very probable. To avoid that, the volume of the channels should be lowered before using this converter for down mixing.
  3. All conversions support upmixing of channels: 1 channel -> x channels. This is done by copying the channel to the other channels after conversion of the format (if necessary).

SampleRate CANNOT be converted.

Florian Bomers
See Also:
FloatSampleBuffer, TConversionTool

Nested Class Summary
(package private)  class PCM2PCMConversionProvider.PCM2PCMStream
          PCM2PCMStream Provides direct conversion of some selected formats and rxpanding of channels.
Field Summary
static AudioFormat.Encoding PCM_SIGNED
static AudioFormat.Encoding PCM_UNSIGNED
Fields inherited from class org.tritonus.share.sampled.convert.TFormatConversionProvider
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 AudioInputStream getAudioInputStream(AudioFormat targetFormat, AudioInputStream sourceStream)
 AudioFormat[] getTargetFormats(AudioFormat.Encoding targetEncoding, AudioFormat sourceFormat)
          This implementation assumes that the converter can convert from each of its source formats to each of its target formats.
 boolean isConversionSupported(AudioFormat targetFormat, AudioFormat sourceFormat)
          method overidden due to the difficult situation with the channel count and the possible conversions possible.
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disable, doMatch, doMatch, getCollectionSourceEncodings, getCollectionSourceFormats, getCollectionTargetEncodings, getCollectionTargetFormats, getFrameSize, getSourceEncodings, getTargetEncodings, getTargetEncodings, isAllowedSourceEncoding, isAllowedSourceFormat, isAllowedTargetEncoding, isAllowedTargetFormat, isSourceEncodingSupported, isTargetEncodingSupported, replaceNotSpecified
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getAudioInputStream, getMatchingFormat
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Field Detail


public static AudioFormat.Encoding PCM_SIGNED


public static AudioFormat.Encoding PCM_UNSIGNED
Constructor Detail


public PCM2PCMConversionProvider()

Method Detail


public AudioInputStream getAudioInputStream(AudioFormat targetFormat,
                                            AudioInputStream sourceStream)
Specified by:
getAudioInputStream in class FormatConversionProvider


public AudioFormat[] getTargetFormats(AudioFormat.Encoding targetEncoding,
                                      AudioFormat sourceFormat)
Description copied from class: TSimpleFormatConversionProvider
This implementation assumes that the converter can convert from each of its source formats to each of its target formats. If this is not the case, the converter has to override this method.

getTargetFormats in class TSimpleFormatConversionProvider


public boolean isConversionSupported(AudioFormat targetFormat,
                                     AudioFormat sourceFormat)
method overidden due to the difficult situation with the channel count and the possible conversions possible.

isConversionSupported in class TFormatConversionProvider